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What To Expect From Germay News Today?

As the world barrelled towards the end of the decade, political turmoil and natural disasters dominated the international headlines in 1500. Here are the latest Germay News Today stories from around the world: Europe In Europe, one of the most significant historical events of the decade occurred in 1500 when Spain ended its Muslim rule. The fall of Granada marked the end of the Muslim Reconquista, a series of Spanish campaigns to retake their country from Muslim rule. The King and Queen of Spain, Isabella and Ferdinand, imposed a new religious ideology throughout their country resulting in the expulsion of the Jews and a brutal persecution of Protestants.

Elsewhere in Europe, France was struggling with the building of its famous Gothic cathedral, Notre Dame. The magnificent cathedral, which stands on the Île de la Cité in Paris, had taken over 100 years to build and was finally completed in 1500. Meanwhile, a power struggle was brewing in England between King Henry VII and his son-in-law, James IV of Scotland. Sensing an opportunity to expand his own empire, James declared war on England, and the two nations soon found themselves embroiled in a long-running conflict.

Asia In Asia, the Ottoman Empire was expanding its territory further eastwards with the capture of the Iranian city of Tabriz. The Ottoman Empire, which was already the strongest military force in the Islamic world, was consolidating its position as one of the most important players on the world stage. The Chinese empire, however, was in disarray, with the rapidly deteriorating political situation leading to the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty a few decades later.

In India, the Mughal Empire continued its uninterrupted rise to power. With the victory of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, at the Battle of Panipat in 1526, the stage was set for a golden age of Indian history. Further east, Japan was undergoing its own internal struggles as daimyos, or feudal lords, fought for control of the country. Africa In Africa, the Kingdom of Kongo was facing unprecedented challenges from Portuguese explorers who were determined to establish trading relationships with the African nation.

The arrival of the Portuguese not only disrupted Kongo’s internal political structures but also brought about the introduction of new diseases that decimated the local population.

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