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In the year 2021, the world has experienced different events, incidents, and changes in various sectors. From political turmoil to economic instability and social unrest, the globe has witnessed events that shaped history and affected different regions of the world. In this brief report, we will discuss some of the most significant Germay News Today from around the world in 2021. Political Turmoil in the United States The year 2021 has been politically challenging for the United States of America. After the presidential inauguration, the country faced several incidents that triggered political turmoil.

The Capitol riot in January shocked the world and depicted bitter divisions in the American society over political ideology. Following that, former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment proceedings were initiated, which ended in acquittal by the Senate. In Afghanistan, the resurgence of the Taliban movement has caused concern worldwide. The United States has also been involved in negotiations with the Taliban in an attempt to reconcile with the militant group. In addition, other countries, such as Myanmar, India, and Hong Kong, experienced political turmoil in the form of military coups, farmer protests, and suppression of democratic voices.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Responses The COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines and continued to be the most significant crisis worldwide in the year 2021. Some countries managed the crisis well by implementing effective measures such as vaccination rollouts, lockdowns, and social distancing. Other nations witnessed a surge in infection rates and mortalities, adding to their economic and social woes.

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