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New Standard Straight Glass Tube OEM For Arizer Solo Vaporizer Stem Mouthpiece: Buy New Standard Straight Glass Tube OEM For Arizer Solo Vaporizer Stem Mouthpiece at Best Prices in India

If you’ve owned a vaporizer before you know how to charge a disposable vape pen ( important battery life is. It’s a huge nuisance to have to wait for your vaporizer to charge right as you’re ready to vape. Arizer vaporizers have figured out a conduction/convection mix heating system with the Solo 2 that works very well. You will consistently pull big clouds from your herb.

They are also very easy to maintain, simply soak the tubes in the Zeus Cleaning solution for a hassle-free clean. The stems can also be pre-loaded with the help of an Arizer stem cap pack for more convenient vaping on the go. For those into water filtration, the frosted Solo glass tube attachment allows you to hook up the Solo 2 to your favorite water pipe for quick and easy water cooled hits. The glass Aroma Tubes can easily be capped with the supplied silicone caps, allowing the user to pre-load a number of tubes for use while travelling. Arizer vaporizers are known for their all-glass aroma tubes that produce pure, smooth vapour for users to enjoy. It may be hard to believe that the Solo 2 could improve on that, but as soon as you take your first few draws with the Solo 2, you’ll be witnessing those better quality, more flavourful vapours.

The design for the Arizer Solo 2 is remarkably similar to the original Solo, especially when it comes to the vapor pathway. The heating chamber is largely the same, and vapor pathway is still comprised of a long glass stem. The Arizer Solo is one of the most beloved vaporizers of all time. There are plenty of units out there that are higher powered with newer features, but few have ever challenged it on overall popularity. You can use Air, Air 2, Solo, and Solo 2 tubes with your Solo 2 device.

The very first time you try to insert the tubes, you will get resistance and need to force it. After you have forced the tube in the first time, it will be easy to insert every time after. All glass tubes are not identical, some will be tighter, others looser. We find the straight tubes to be a bit tighter and the curved looser.

Tens of herbs exist to be vaporized, some of them you can even find in your wardrobe.20 legal herbs that you can vaporize during… Cannabis is only one of the many herbs that can be vaporized. Conduction means heating by direct contact with a heat source. Although vaporizers have existed for some time, the benefits of taping have become widely known only in the last five to ten years.

The Solo is not as portable and discrete as I would like. If I had to take a vaporizer with me on a trip or out hiking/biking, I would much rather take one of the smaller units without glass. Another great feature of the Solo is the seven different heat levels. I prefer to start a freshly packed stem at levels 3-5, depending on my mood, and then climb to 6 towards the end of my session.

The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer 2 has a 2-year manufacturers warranty on the device itself, along with a lifetime warranty on the heater. Normal degradation of the battery and general wear and tear is not covered. The glass aroma tubes are also not covered under warranty. The Arizer Solo 2’s vapor quality is all thanks to the glass aroma tubes, which help preserve flavor as well as cool down your vapor.

The Solo 2 includes two different sized glass mouthpieces and a special dish for diffusing aromatic herbs. The use of borosilicate glass is essential in delivering the kind of high-quality flavor that distinguishes Arizer vaporizers. Accessories If you use a vaporizer, you might need some accessories for it. Some of them, like a grinder or a special cleaning liquid are absolutely indispensible. Others, like a smell-proof container or a case for the vaporizer are optional but very useful.

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