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The room used for Prince Harry’s ‘intimate conversation’ with trauma expert Gabor Maté boasts a cosy and informal feel, according to an interior design expert.

During the ‘intimate conversation’ about ‘living with loss and personal healing, the , 38, fielded questions from Dr Maté.

The pair spoke about a range of topics during their chat, from Harry’s experience with therapy, to his relationship with his children, and slot gacor terbaik a possible ADHD diagnosis.

Speaking to FEMAIL, British interior designer Benji Lewis, founder of online advisory service Zoom That Room, said the space in which the interview took place (in an as-yet undisclosed location)  is ‘classically strong’ thanks to its proportions.

He added that the room is ‘clearly not an English interior’, citing features that suggest the room is a North American country location.

Prince Harry’s (pictured, left) interview with trauma expert Gabor Maté (pictured, right) took place in a cosy, informal room, according to an interior design expert

1.Classically strong proportions

According to Benji, the room combines a classic, strong look, with as a reassuring feel.

He told FEMAIL: ‘The proportions of the room and what it suggests are classically strong; the centrally positioned chimney breast flanked by equally sized Georgian style windows – bringing plenty of natural light into the space – make for instant reassuring harmony   

2.Mismatched accessories 

Placed around the room are various design pieces – not all of which are perfectly match. According to Benji, this could be a conscious choice, which brings an added informality to the space.

He told FEMAIL: ‘Working pairs of objects into any design is always a safe bet, a quick win if you like, but in this instance once we look left and right of the fireplace, the mismatched lamp and furniture bring a degree of informality to things.’

3 & 4.North American chic

While the location of the interview has not been disclosed, Benji says the room gives the impression that it is in North America.

He said: ‘Clearly not an English interior, the rough hewn stone mantel and timber detail on the chimney breast identify this likely as comfortable country North American chic.’

5 & 6. Comfy chairs 

Harry’s intimate chat takes place in a ‘cosy and welcoming’ atmosphere, according to the interior design expert, who explained why.

‘The pair of wide fully upholstered armchairs look deep and comfortable, absolutely items for downtime relaxation rather than anything hefty or confrontational, and positioned either side of the expansive open lit fire makes the atmosphere feel balanced, cosy and welcoming,’ said Benji.

The blue armchairs look ‘deep and comfortable, absolutely items for downtime relaxation’, according to an interior designer (pictured: Prince Harry)

7.The colour of calm 

This is further consolidated by the room’s colour scheme. 

‘Blue is the colour of calm, ‘ Benji told FEMAIL, ‘and here the mid-denim shades on the upholstery absolutely play to that theme without looking chilly.’


The lighting also appeared to be carefully considered, with the room boasting a soft glow, rather than harsh, bright lights.

According to Benji: ‘If you wish to avoid lighting that’s scary or intimidating then include lamp light to provide a soft side-on glow rather than anything beaming down from overhead that just looks cold.’

9.Patterned rug

Another feature bringing an interesting touch to the room is the rug, placed between the two armchairs.

‘Blending the traditional Turkey rug into the interior mix is good, adding as it does pattern and a little colour,’ said Benji.

10.Hints of an established travelled academic 

Various designs features of the room offered hints as to the type of person may live there, according to Benji.

He said: ‘If I were to guess who lived in the room I’d suggest an established travelled academic; the desk, the wall hung Ikat patterned textile that matches the fabric dressing the windows and the celadon green Chinese ginger jar type lamp – this is a space belonging to someone with intellectual gravitas.’

Touches like the wall hanging and the desk suggest the room could be lived in by an ‘established travelled academic’, according to interior designer Benji Lewis (pictured: Gabor Mate)

11.Carefully chosen drinking glasses 

And other details appear just as considered, said Benji, who noted that the men were drinking from specific glasses.

‘I love a good glass to drink from – it’s so important as a means of providing overall pleasure to proceedings – and the heavy cut glass crystal tumblers look absolutely right in this context,’ he said.


And a final cosy touch Benji noted was the room’s curtains (not pictured), which framed the matching Georgian style windows.

He explained: ‘Full-length interlined curtains hanging in a straight uncomplicated manner are a great way to dress windows, providing a warm cosying in type feel.’

The smaller windows (pictured) boast coordinating blue drapes. 

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