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Looking forward to another purchase storz & bickel vaporizer. Yes, you will get the same items/accessories as us. We source our volcano vaporizers directly from manufacturer. Most vaporizers that use a flat platform must also plug into a power source. This provides consistent and efficient energy to vaporize your favorite herbs. Because of their power and performance, many people prefer desktop vapes over handheld options. I personally find it difficult to reload the Volcano.

I haven’t got a review up yet, but I’m still experimenting and will soon have something up. The complete Vapman Vapman Vapman Vapman Vapman Friday Collection is available here. Storz & Bickel continue to improve and evolve their original design, which is why it stands out above other medical-grade vapor production products. One of its best features is the ability for you to switch between the whip and easy valve often. It improves upon the vapor quality that was widely regarded as one of the most effective vaporizers of all time. The Volcano’s iconic balloon valve system and valve system ensures there is no loss of vapor or hot water. The convection heating systems only cooks herbs while blowing away bags.

Hot air convection distributes heat on a larger area to warm the herb evenly. It also produces large clouds and vapor. These innovations inspired Jurgen Bickel (one of the company’s earliest customers) to partner Storz and create the brand that it is today. They continue to develop new technology, and file patents for the original design.

Hot air is forced to fill your Volcano balloon with vapor by passing over your essential oils or aromatic mixtures. Once the balloon is filled with vapor, it can then be detached and used. Last year, I bought myself a Classic and my daughter loves to have it with her when she visits. Her birthday falls in April and her wedding will be in July, so I bought them a Classic Classic to celebrate their anniversary/wedding. They loved it and its beautiful, industrial design looks right at their counter. As usual Planet of the Vapes price and service were second to none.

Before you use, acknowledge and agree to comply with our Terms of Use. Markus Storz crafted the first-ever volcano vaporizer on sale;, vape using a heat gun in his cellar. Two years later, patents for the Volcano inflatable bag were filed. The Volcano Classic was the first vaporizer to hit the market in 2000. Jurgen Bickel joined Storz in partnership to see the potential of the Volcano vaporizer. Storz & Bickel formed.

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