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The THOR H Series Laserpointer

The THOR H series laser pointer is an affordable alternative to its more expensive counterpart. The H version of this laser pointer comes with fixed focus and 1.6 watts of output. The pointer also requires two AA batteries that are not included. The pointer is available in two colors, blue and green. The batteries are… Continue reading The THOR H Series Laserpointer

The JD-303 Laser Reminder

The JD-303 laser pointer is one of the most effective and useful points of view in astronomy. It emits a green ray as well as has a nozzle that is designed for stellar light results. It is additionally mobile, lightweight, as well as power conserving, that make it ideal for traveling. You can utilize it… Continue reading The JD-303 Laser Reminder

Picking the most powerful laser pointer

If you’re considering purchasing a laser pointer, you need to know the details about the various models available. The three primary colors of laser pointers are blue, green blue and red. Each color has a different wavelength. The wavelength is shorter, which means the photon’s energy will be greater. The color on left is the… Continue reading Picking the most powerful laser pointer

Which is the Strongest Laser Pointer?

If you are planning an event in the near future you may be looking in the best laser pointer. How do you determine the best one for your needs? Continue reading to learn more. There are three main kinds of laser pointers that are available with each having its own specific benefits. Choosing a laser… Continue reading Which is the Strongest Laser Pointer?